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Baby Blankets


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Many parents will tell you that you cannot have too many baby blankets.  You may need more of some than of others.  For example, stock up on burp cloths or receiving blankets you are using as burp cloths.  Unless you are planning to do laundry every few hours, you will need a 4-6 of them to have clean ones on hand when you need them.  Similarly, we recommend at least four blankets to be used for swaddling and other purposes so that you can reach for a clean one when you need it.

In general, follow the care instructions provided by the manufacturer. Different fabrics require different care. Pay attention when buying your baby blankets to ensure ease of care.  Most baby blankets are machine washable. We always recommend using a mild and baby-friendly detergent, gentle cycles, and cold or lukewarm water. Definitely avoid harsh chemicals and bleach. Follow care instructions for drying.

Blankets are often overlooked as a way to add an element of design into the nursery. Drape folded blankets on a rocking chair, fold them in colorful stacks on a changing table or open shelf or hang them on decorative hooks on the wall. Take time to think about how they coordinate with your nursery bedding, curtains, rugs or paint color. Blankets are often appliqued or embroidered and may fit beautifully into the theme you have chosen for your nursery.  Blankets can be more than functional, they can add that little touch of something extra to your nursery.