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Elevate Your Home Decor: Expert Insights on Decorating with Throw Pillows

decorating with throw pillows

When it comes to decorating your home, it's the little details that often make the most significant impact. Throw pillows are a perfect example of this. They can add color, texture, and personality to your space, turning it from ordinary to inviting. They can be one of the most cost-effective ways to completely change up the look of a room or add that final, finishing touch.  In this blog, we will share expert insights on how to choose, arrange, and utilize throw pillows effectively to elevate your home decor. We'll also highlight some fantastic options from Levtex that you can incorporate some of those into your design.

“Pillows can really pull the room together and make it make sense from a design standpoint.” - Kathryn Lott, designer

Choosing Your Throw Pillows

Color Palette Selection

Selecting the right colors for your throw pillows is crucial in creating a cohesive and harmonious look. Here are some helpful tips on how to think about it.


  • Consider the existing color palette of your room. Choose throw pillow colors that complement or contrast with your decor for added visual interest. If you have a neutral room, for example, you can add dimension and texture to it by selecting a complementary color assortment when picking your decorative pillows.  Select your pillows for the range of color they will bring to your neutral look.  For example, grouping the Santa Fe Embroidered Tassel Pillow, the Maeve Grey Neutral Velvet Pillow and the Pisa Embroidered Crewel Pillow creates an assortment of textures, shades and sizes that will immediately bring your neutral story to life.  Whether you are layering them on a Levtex Home Natural Linen Duvet Cover in your bedroom, or on a gorgeous cream sofa in your living room or den, the pillows can pull your room together at little expense. 

  • Use the 60-30-10 rule: 60% of your room should be your dominant color (e.g., walls and large furniture), 30% your secondary color (e.g., upholstery), and 10% accent color. Your throw pillows can introduce this accent color, creating balance.


  • Overdo it with too many colors. Stick to a limited color palette to avoid a chaotic look.
Decorating with throw pillows - Decorating with throw pillows - Mix and match textures

Texture and Fabric

"Box pillows with their square shoulders can be attractive in an eclectic grouping and look great when edged with braid" - Anne Nomberg, interior designer

The texture and fabric of your throw pillows can add depth and dimension to your design:


  • Mix and match textures for a layered and visually appealing look. Consider incorporating soft faux fur, cozy knits, appliquéd or embroidered fabrics and interesting trim details.  The Levtex Home MacAllister Pillow Collection was created with just this in mind.  The chunky cable knit of the Grey Knit Pillow and the Camden Knit Cream Pillow, layered with the appliqué in faux fur of the Moose Pillow and the Josie Spa Pillow create a wonderful blend of textures, shapes and sizes to transform your room into a cozy lodge.  If you do not love the lodge look, just drop the stag pillow and enjoy the warm textures and dimensions that the other pillows bring to your space.

  • Choose fabrics that suit your lifestyle. For a family-friendly space, opt for durable materials.


  • Overuse the same texture or fabric throughout your space, as it can make your decor feel one-dimensional.
Decorating with throw pillows - Start with a neutral base or a solid color

Patterns and Prints

Incorporating patterns and prints can infuse personality into your decor:


  • Start with a neutral base or a solid color or simple stripe base and add pops of pattern for a balanced and cohesive look. For example, if you are looking to incorporate a coastal or beach feel to your room, pattern and print in the form of decorative pillows can really do the trick. Take the Levtex Home Camps Bay Collection of Decorative Pillows as an example.  The combination of the Embroidered Fish Pillow with the Chevron Pillow immediately can transform any room in to a seaside hideaway.  Whether you take the theme all the way and layer them on the Camps Bay Quilt with its stripe and star fish patterning, or on a crisp White Cross Stitch Quilt or a beautiful, textured blue or white sofa, the impact will be eye-catching.

  • Combine different patterns harmoniously by ensuring a common color or theme that ties them together.


  • Go overboard with too many bold or clashing patterns, as it can overwhelm the space.
Decorating with throw pillows - Start with a neutral base or a solid color

Throw Pillow Arrangement

Arrangement Styles

The arrangement of your throw pillows can significantly impact the overall aesthetics. Consider these styles:


  • Arrange throw pillows symmetrically for a clean and formal look. Place identical pillows on either side of the sofa or bed.


  • Create an informal and relaxed atmosphere by arranging pillows asymmetrically. Mix and match sizes and patterns for an eclectic feel.

Mixing and Matching:

Mixing and matching throw pillows can be a fun and creative endeavor:


  • Vary the sizes and shapes of your throw pillows for visual interest. For instance, combine square and rectangular pillows with a lumbar pillow for added comfort.  If you are going for something bright and bohemian, think about the Levtex Home Rhapsody Collection.  The Pieced Pillow is 14" x 18" and complements the Embroidered Cylindrical Boudoir Pillow and the 12" x 24" Embroidered Medallion Pillow.  Together they will give your room the boho vibe you are seeking.

  • Use a common color or theme to tie together diverse pillows.


  • Overcrowd your furniture with too many pillows. Find a balance between comfort and aesthetics.

Seasonal and Occasional Considerations

Changing with Seasons

To keep your home decor fresh, transition your throw pillows with the seasons:


  • Swap out your pillows for lighter, cooler fabrics and colors during spring and summer.

  • In fall and winter, bring in warmer, cozier pillows in rich, deep tones and heavier fabrics like knits, flannels and faux fur.

Tips for Special Occasions

Holidays and special occasions offer great opportunities to get creative with your throw pillows:


  • Choose holiday-themed pillows to infuse the spirit of the season into your home.  Without breaking the bank, you can infuse a touch of Christmas into any room in your home with the addition of just one or a fun combination of pillows from the Levtex Home Holiday Pillow Collection.

  • For a little fun, think about adding a pillow with a special sentiment that really adds a personal touch to your space.  For example, adding a special Be Our Guest Pillow to your guest bedroom just gives the room its final, welcoming touch.

Decorating with throw pillows - Transition your throw pillows with the seasons

Dos & Don'ts

  • Do: Keep your room's purpose in mind when choosing throw pillows. A living room and a bedroom may require different styles and levels of comfort.
  • Don't: Neglect the comfort factor. While aesthetics are essential, your throw pillows should also be comfortable and inviting.

With the right selection, arrangement, and a dash of creativity, throw pillows can be the secret weapon in transforming your space. Whether you're changing with the seasons, celebrating special occasions, or merely aiming to create a more inviting atmosphere, Levtex Home's collection of throw pillows offers a wide array of options to suit your unique style and needs. So, go ahead and embrace the power of throw pillows to elevate your home decor and make your space truly inviting.

“Putting a lot of thought into mixing patterns, textures, and really thinking through the trim can truly create mini pieces of art.” - Kathleen Varner, stylist


Q: How to select the right colors for throw pillows to complement a room's decor?

A: When choosing throw pillow colors, consider the existing color palette of the room. Opt for pillows that either complement or contrast with the decor. For instance, in a room with neutral tones, adding pillows with complementary colors can introduce depth and texture. Choose a combination of pillows with different textures, shades, and sizes to enrich the neutral setting. Group them on a duvet cover in the bedroom or a sofa in the living space to tie the room together effortlessly.

Q: What are some tips for incorporating different textures and fabrics into throw pillow selections?

A: Mixing various textures and fabrics can add layers and visual interest to the design. Consider incorporating different materials like soft faux fur, cozy knits, appliquéd or embroidered fabrics, and unique trims. For instance, pairing chunky cable knits with faux fur appliqués can create a cozy ambiance. Blend various textures and shapes to add warmth and dimension to the space.

Q: How should patterns and prints be incorporated into throw pillow choices?

A: Start with a neutral or solid-colored base and then introduce patterns and prints for a balanced look. For example, to evoke a particular theme, opt for pillows with patterns that resonate with that style. Layer them on a quilt or a sofa to bring the desired ambiance without overwhelming the space..

Q: What are some suggestions for arranging throw pillows to create an inviting atmosphere?

A: For a clean and formal look, arrange throw pillows symmetrically by placing identical pillows on each side of a sofa or bed. To achieve a more relaxed atmosphere, mix different sizes and patterns for an eclectic feel. Vary the sizes and shapes of throw pillows for visual interest, ensuring they complement each other.

Written by Michael Levin


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