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woodland nursery decor

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To create a cozy and inviting woodland-themed nursery, start by incorporating earthy tones like soft greens, warm browns, and gentle grays into the color palette. Use nature-inspired wall decals, or murals depicting trees, woodland animals, or forest scenery.  Add soft lighting - lamps create soft, indirect light rather than harsh overhead lights.  Choose crib bedding that incorporate cozy textiles.  Add blankets and a decorative pillow or two to some comfortable seating.  A soft rug or one that incorporates some natural texture (like jute or sisal) that hints at the outdoors will also help set the tone.  For your furniture, pick warm, natural wood tones.  All of these will create the woodland atmosphere you are looking for.

Woodland themed nurseries are incredibly popular and there are so many choices when it comes to decorating.  We think you should start with picking a bedding set. At Levtex Baby, that will create the foundation for your woodland nursery, not just in theme but in color.  Most of our sets include a wall decal that will result in a woodland-inspired mural on one of your walls. Round out your room but choosing a matching changing pad cover to help dress your changing table (and provide a soft, washable surface to lay your baby on when changing). Add a gorgeous, soft rug in muted tones not just for comfort for the time you will spend on your feet but for the softness when you put baby down. Pick from an array of beautiful blankets that will not only be useful but add some color and interest to the room. Finally, storage is so important in a baby's room - a good-looking hamper or a pretty basket to store diapers or creams can make all the difference.  But mostly, enjoy the process of adding what works for you in making this space so special.

There is no right answer to this question. Start with picking your crib bedding set and then choose a color that will complement your choice.  Colors that we find work well in a woodland-themed nursery include earthy greens, warm browns, soft grays, and cream or ivory.