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Crib Fitted Sheets


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Frequently asked questions

Crib mattresses may vary slightly but they are all about 28" x 52" and are no more than 6" thick.  Your fitted sheet should fit your crib mattress securely and snugly.  There are many products out there that fit other nursery items, like co-sleepers, mini-cribs, porta-cribs and bassinets.  There are specific sheets for each of those items.  Make sure you are buying a fitted sheet for the crib (or other nursery item) you own.  Sheets are not interchangeable!

We recommend changing your baby's fitted crib sheet every week or more frequently if it becomes soiled or dirty. Regularly changing the crib sheet helps maintain cleanliness and ensures a fresh sleeping environment for your baby.

Of course!  We love the idea of changing out the look of your room by changing the fitted sheet in your baby's crib.  In fact, we design an additional, different fitted sheet that matches each of our crib bedding sets (which come with a fitted sheet included).  Since we know baby fitted sheets get changed frequently, we like the idea of having options to refresh your nursery in an easy way.  If you have chosen a solid colored bedding set, different colors and patterns of sheets really present the opportunity to truly re-imagine your nursery every time you change the sheets.

We definitely recommend a separate waterproof lining to protect your mattress from leaks and spills.  That is the most versatile option, allowing you to change fitted sheets easily and keeping your mattress protected.

Depending on how often you plan on doing laundry, we would recommend having no fewer than 2 and comfortably 3-4 fitted crib sheets on hand for your baby's crib. This allows for easy rotation between sheet changes or in the case of an emergency, like a spill or an accident. Having multiple sheets ensures that you always have a clean and fresh sheet ready for your baby's comfort and hygiene.