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Damask and Medallion Bedding

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Damasks are traditional ornate woven fabrics that date back to the 15th century.  Known for their intricate medallion-like patterns, damask is now used to describe a style of patterns that have the traditional damask patterns, whether they are printed or woven. 

For a beautiful traditional bedroom, layer it up with damask and medallion motifs? You can start with the boldness of the pattern and build from there, or anchor your traditional room with a beautiful textured solid and layer with these classic looks. Your color palette is important. Warmer neutrals with an occasional pop of color will exude comfort while preserving the formality. But, if you want to venture into the bolder, some damask and medallion prints can bring a level of brightness and color to a room. So, if you are going for opulent classic or vibrant fun, damasks and medallions might be a perfect design choice.

Damask and medallion patterns are both instantly recognizable home decor go-tos. But what makes them different? Damask patterns tend to feature symmetrical florals, often drawn from nature with delightful details like small petals or leaves. On a medallion pattern, the images often seem to revolve around a larger focal point, usually a circular design in the center of a quilt, comforter or duvet cover. So if you're looking for something to adorn your home that's both charming and sophisticated, damask and medallion patterned linens may just be the warm welcome you need!