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Rainbow Unicorn Nursery Decor

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Accessories can play a major part in setting the mood in your baby's nursery.  If you have picked a rainbow or unicorn themed nursery, there are so many wonderful options to choose from. Add some light, gauzy drapes to help filter light and soften the room.  Pick a gorgeous rug that accents your key colors - soft pastels or brighter rainbow shades. Look for a special decorative pillow to place on your rocker or glider. Each piece will help create that special ambiance you are looking for. All of these small elements will help create the special place where you will be creating special memories that will last a lifetime.

While we may think of rainbows as primary colors, that is just one direction you can go when picking a rainbow-themed room.  Bright, happy and optimistic, primary colors can really help create a fun and playful nursery. But rainbows are so incredibly versatile. At Levtex Baby we loved the idea of reimagining a rainbow in soft blush pink and grey. Our Over The Rainbow crib bedding set embraces the promise of rainbow but keeps the colors soft and muted.  We also love the idea of rainbows in modern ochres and sandstones for a slightly retro vibe. Whichever way you choose, rainbows are a sweet theme to build your baby's nursery around.

At Levtex Baby, we take great care in creating designs that look amazing, are full of texture and dimension but are also easy to take care of. We know that baby products need to be washed, sometimes frequently! All of our products are machine washable (we recommend a baby friendly detergent and a gentle wash) and generally can be dried in a dryer (on a low setting). Properly cared for, our products are built to be enjoyed for many years.