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Decorative Pillows

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Frequently asked questions

Decorative pillows can be filled with any number of inners, depending on the look you are going for.  Down or feather pillows tend to be less puffy and rigid than polyester fillers.  Think about what look or feel you want and go with that.  Some pillows come filled already, some come unfilled.  Check and see before buying yours!

There is no right or wrong way to arrange your decorative pillows.  The process can be so much fun! The best way to arrange them is to start by finding a pillow that speaks to you, literally or figuratively; place this one as the centerpiece of your cozy pillow scene. From here, experiment and create the pillowscape of your dreams with complementary colors, shapes, textures and sizes. Pro tip: add an unexpected design element for extra flare and charm!

The cost of cleaning your pillows and the price you might pay to replace them should all be a taken into account.  But why ditch something that you love and that could potentially be saved? Follow the wash instructions included with your product.  Some materials may be so badly soiled or too delicate so the benefit of cleaning them do not outweigh the potential risks of damage. If you can, save them, and even if the cover is beyond saving, save the inner, it can always be reused in another pillow cover.