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A bedspread isn't just a thing thrown carelessly on your bed to cover up a little mess. It's much more than that! A bedspread is an essential accouterment for a comforting, inviting bedroom. It's the finishing touch that ties the color scheme together and adds personality to your sanctuary. With its quilted texture or plushy pattern, it instantly brings warmth to any room. Depending on what type you choose, your spread can be as simple or as statement-making as you want it to be - so pick one that speaks to you! After all, you spend a lot of time in your bedroom, so why not make sure it looks good?

Bedspreads, comforters, and quilts: three words used to describe your favorite sleep item, but what's the difference between them? Bedspreads usually cover the entire bed, often draping all the way to the floor. They are often decorative and protective, keeping the sheets, blankets, comforters and quilts clean. Comforters are thicker and have more insulation than a bedspread; perfect for cold winter months when you need some extra snuggliness! Quilts provide padding between two thin fabrics that are stitched together with intricate quilting patterns. Each choice offers a unique texture and style.

It all depends on your preference! It is still a practical way to protect from dust and dirt since the quilt or comforter is underneath the bedspread; it adds texture and an extra pop of color to an often overlooked part of your bedroom. It's also a way to add an eye-catching layer to your bed.