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Solid Color & Textured Baby Bedding

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Solid color or textured bedding can be so versatile and flexible.  You can really embrace the classic vibe and add decorative pillows, blankets, drapes and rugs that are in complementary colors to your bedding but add visual interest with different textures and fabrics. You can also use your solid bedding as a base, and use your accessories to express a theme, like jungle safari, by picking decorative pillows with appliqued animals, animal-print blankets, or jungle-inspired wall decals.  The great news is that, if you want to change it up, simply swapping out some accessories can give you a whole new look.

While solids are eternal, we are really excited about the trend we are seeing in textures. Think about ruffles or ruching as a way to spice up your solid choice. This moment is also all about muslin. 100% cotton, soft and lightweight, there is nothing like the feel and texture of our Cloud Muslin collection - available in multiple colors and with such incredibly sweet coordinating accessories.

Choosing solid-colored crib bedding can be an excellent foundation for creating a beautifully designed nursery. Here's how you can use various decor elements to enhance the mood:

Wall art or wall decals can introduce colors, patterns, and themes that complement the solid crib bedding. You could choose artwork that reflects a specific theme, or opt for pieces in colors that you love and want to highlight in the room. Curtains offer an excellent opportunity to add patterns or textures. You could choose a bold pattern or a subtle, textured drape to add depth and interest to the space.  Rugs can anchor the room and add warmth and texture. It could match the crib bedding set or introduce a new color or pattern into the mix. Lighting, that is soft and warm, can create a calming atmosphere, while a unique lamp or light shade can add personality. Think mobiles, decorative pillows (for use outside of the crib), or plush toys. These smaller items can add pops of color and playfulness to the room.

​​​​​​​And, finally, plants. If you want to add a touch of nature, consider some baby-safe plants. They not only add color but can also improve air quality.