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Coastal Bedding


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Nothing says Summer more than crisp, coastal bedding! Finding the most breathable bedding can be an easy process if you know what to look for. Generally, sheets, quilts, comforters and duvet covers made of natural fibers, like linen and cotton, are the most breathable. With a few simple steps you can create the perfect beach nook that is breezy and cool even during the hottest summer nights. Cotton and linen are not just breathable, but they ae two materials that are sure to keep their coastal beauty night after night.

When coastal summer breezes come knocking, it can be a challenge to decide what is best to use for bedding: a quilt or a comforter. For some beachy bliss all year round, why not go for both? Start with creating a bed of coastal dreams by adding cotton or linen sheets linen. Then layer up with a lightweight quilt, a perfect weight for Summer nights.  Then top off the look with a comfy and colorful coastal comforter that you can pull up if the nights get cool or to use in the cooler months.

A duvet cover is a wonderful investment because of its versatility.  If, during the hot summer coastal days, your inner feels too heavy and stuffy, instead of struggling to sleep underneath it, try swapping it out for a lighter weight more breathable cotton inner or a thin blanket.  If that still is too warm, who says you have to fill your duvet cover with anything?  The two layers of cotton or linen may be the perfect weight for you.  Try it out!