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Gender Neutral Crib Bedding

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Frequently asked questions

The most common color schemes for gender neutral nurseries are grey, cream, white and taupe - traditionally neutral palettes that lend themselves to a nursery that is not gender-specific. That said, palettes that include colors that are used contemporarily in home decor - like yellows and green or sandstone and coral, can also be a fund and less traditional way of approaching a gender neutral nursery.  If you are looking to decorate your nursery around a particular theme, we find that animals - woodland or jungle or zoo - lend themselves best to gender neutral nurseries.

Absolutely! Gender-neutral crib bedding is perfect for both boys and girls. For nursery decor, think natural tones, fun patterns, or cute animal prints. It's all about creativity!

Balance is key. Pick a crib bedding set with a color palette and theme that you love.  Use the colors in the crib bedding set to build around, either in paint on the walls, in a rug, a set of drapes or an upholstered glider.  Build on your theme by incorporating wall decals, plush toys, blankets that complement your theme and color palette.  By sticking to your theme and color scheme, your nursery will look like a stylish, cozy, baby-ready haven in no time!