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Pillow Shams & Euro Shams

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Frequently asked questions

When curating your cozy bedroom, one of the most important decisions you'll make is how to put your sham options to best use! If you're trying to decide whether your euro sham should go in front or behind the regular pillows on your bed, it's really all about personal preference - there is no right or wrong answer. Usually we see them behind pillows but feel free to play with your look!

Put simply, a pillow sham is like a dramatic version of an ordinary pillowcase; it’s typically more decorative and comes in various shapes, sizes, styles, and fabrics. Pillow sham options can range from the very simple to the very luxurious — think tufted velvets with unique flanges and fringing. On the other hand, a pillowcase is meant to encase your warm pillow so that it stays tucked in tight while you sleep.

Fairly simply, euro shams are cases for pillows that are 26” x 26” while standard shams house pillows that are 20” x 26” (or standard bed size pillows). While we are at it, you should know that a king sham houses a king size pillow which is usually 20” x 26”.