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Kids Bedding


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Frequently asked questions

Children are, almost by definition, messy. Expect their bedding to get messy too! So, whether you choose a quilt, duvet cover or comforter for your kid, make sure you read the wash instructions since it likely will need frequent cleaning. Most kids bedding should be machine washable.

There is no right answer, it all depends. Quilts tend to be the lightest weight option for those kids who tend to run warm and don’t want too many coverings at night.  Duvet covers give you the flexibility of picking an inner that suits your child or even to change the inner out from season to season.  Duvet covers can also be removed from the inner and washed and are less bulky than both quilts and comforters. Comforters are, of course, cuddly and cozy but do tend to be warmer than quilts.

Kid’s beds are often twin size (38” x 75”). If you want to buy a bed that you can keep as you kid grows into a mature teenager, you might want to consider a twin xl (38”x80”). If you do have the room, your kid might appreciate a full or double bed or even a queen size bed. One of these choices might give the room some versatility as your child grows.

The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of American recommends washing bedding at least once a week in temperature of at least 130 degrees. Depending on how much mess your kids make, you might want to consider washing even more frequently – and who doesn’t like a clean, freshly made bed?