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Check & Plaid Bedding

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Checks and plaids cover a huge range of patterns.  While tartan plaids date back to 3000 BC and have been found in many parts of the world, there is little doubt that this kind of plaid is considered one of Scotland's greatest contributions to fashion. Buffalo checks, often a mainstay in farmhouse style, are characterized by their larger scale and often bolder colors.  While ginghams, which are uniform like buffalo checks, are smaller in scale.  Checkered plaids are usually staggerd patterns and windowpane plaids are uniform, larger plaids that resemble windows (like their names).  Each of these can give your home a different vibe.  There is a lot to choose from and many directions you can go in.  Have fun and explore!

While checks are a sure way to give your home that cozy farmhouse vibe, they can really be used in so many different ways.  Windowpane plaids, for example, are a way to elevate a traditional bedroom and a great alternative to a solid. Tartan plaids can really elevate a classic look, giving your home a clubby, sophisticated feel.

When it comes to plaids, tartans and checks, there's something about their classic look and comfy feel that never goes out of style. But right now, they're having a moment in the home fashion world.  Think of them as an ever-so-slightly rebellious comforter to cozy-up your decor. Whether it be a quilt in gingham or a duvet cover with an oversize windowpane check, the patterns are warmly welcomed into residential spaces all around the world. So why not introduce a bit of unexpected pattern play into your home and join the plaid party?