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Sea & Ocean Themed Nursery Decor

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Ocean-themed bedding sets often feature soothing shades of blues and greens to evoke the calming atmosphere of the sea.  You can also create a wonderful beach-inspired look by using more neutral, sandy shades. Patterns that can help create a beachy vibe would include waves, stripes, sea creatures and shells.

Start with the thought that blue is not just for boys!  For a more feminine touch, opt for softer shades of blue and aqua. You can also create a wonderful beachy vibe with a combination of sandy neutrals and corals.  Decorating with solids or textures can also create a versatile base for your nursery.  Use accessories to highlight your ocean theme, like wall decals featuring mermaids, seashells, or underwater scenes, or  accent pillows with ocean-inspired prints and sayings to complete the look. 

To create a calming and relaxing atmosphere in your ocean-themed nursery, choose soft colors and natural materials. Use sheer curtains to allow natural light to filter in gently. Incorporate rugs, wall art and blankets to add texture and evoke a coastal feel. Add lamps to keep lighting soft and indirect.  A simple sound machine can add the sound of the ocean to add to the feeling of calm and help shut out unwanted noise.

You can really have fun creating an ocean-themed nursery for your baby boy.  From sailboat-shaped bookshelves to anchor-inspired wall hooks, there are so many interesting and unique ways to embrace the beachy theme. Think about hanging decorative oars as wall art or using a sea creature mobile to add a playful touch to your nursery decor.