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Frequently asked questions

A duvet cover and a comforter are both bedding options often used to keep a person warm, but they have some distinct differences. A comforter is a single item made up of a decorative top fabric, an inner (usually down or polyester) and a bottom fabric all joined together.  A duvet cover is like a large pillowcase that goes over an inner (a comforter or duvet insert). A duvet cover gives you the ability to change out the color or design of the duvet while still leaving your filled inner underneath. A duvet cover helps to protect the inner from wear and tear so it can be kept in pristine condition for longer. Duvet covers are easier to wash and maintain your bedding.

Although a duvet cover is designed to be used with a duvet insert, it turns out that the answer is yes! Duvet covers are designed to perfectly fit standard bedding sizes and have been crafted from ultra-soft materials, making them a cozy and practical way to dress your bed.  It's easier to launder and often more breathable than other coverings, so why not give it a try? Who knows, you might even find that enjoying the briskness of a single duvet layer is the ideal way to drift off into dreamland. Hey, don't judge until you've tried it — you might just love sleeping under your chic duvet

The thought of how to use your duvet cover may seem like a strange puzzle at first, but once you've solved it, you'll never forget how! Start with the duvet unfolded inside out and facing down on the bed. If your duvet cover comes with ties in the corner, loosely tie those to the ends of the duvet insert or comforter.  Then insert your hands inside the duvet cover, grab hold of each of the top corners (making sure you grab the inner as well). Flipping the duvet cover over is the way to go! Don't worry if you have to try it out several times before you perfect your flipping technique - just keep up at it and then shake the duvet until the inner is nestled snugly in its cover.  Button or tie or zip the cover up.  Make sure you place the opening end at the bottom of your bed – you don’t want that part near your face when you sleep!

Picking the right duvet insert for your duvet cover can be a daunting task. You want something that is light enough so you don't overheat during warmer nights and cozy enough to keep you toasty through those cold winter months. Do you want something feather or down, fluffy or thin? With so many options to choose from, it might feel like mission impossible! Just remember, any purchase should reflect your preferences when it comes to both coziness and temperature. Remember though, duvet covers and inners are not standard sizes, so check the size of your duvet cover to make sure you are buying an inner that will fit nicely (and vice versa).

Recently, people seem overly obsessed with thread count believing that the higher the thread count, the better the product.  This is widely regarded as a myth.  The quality of the yarn and the weave have a greater impact on how your product feels and how it will wear and last.  Pick something that feels good to you, everyone has their own preference!