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Jungle Safari Nursery Decor

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Frequently asked questions

Common color schemes for jungle safari nursery decor often include earthy greens, browns, and golds to emulate the natural beauty of the wild. Brighter color palettes such as oranges and yellows can also be used to infuse energy and playfulness into the nursery decor. These color schemes can be incorporated through wall paint, furniture, crib bedding, and accessories.

To enhance the jungle safari theme in your nursery, consider incorporating creative storage solutions that blend functionality with aesthetics. Wicker baskets or bamboo bins can provide a rustic touch while also providing a very effective way to organize baby essentials or serve as a laundry hamper. Animal-themed fabric bins or canvas storage containers can add a playful element. Look for storage solutions that fit the nursery's color palette and complement the overall decor.

To create a jungle-inspired accent wall, consider using removable wall decals featuring jungle animals, lush foliage, or safari scenery. These provide a really cost-effective alternative to a painted mural depicting a jungle landscape. We also love a great wallpaper, whether with an animal motif or something more subtle, like a tropical leaf pattern.  Either could make a dramatic impact on your nursery in your whole nursery or even as an accent wall.  We also love the impact of 3-dimensional objects on the wall -- think about woven baskets in natural jute, sisal and bamboo.  The natural fibers and tones will elevate your jungle vibe.