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Frequently asked questions

No. Generally, quilts are more lightweight than comforters. In addition, they tend to be cottonfilled. Both of these factors make them trap less heat.

Blankets are a single layer of fabric (usually knit or woven) that are used as a layer of warmth on a bed or as something to pull up over you on a couch or chair. Quilts are made of three layers – a top and bottom layer of fabric (usually cotton), quilted together with a filler in between those two layers. A quilt can be used like a blanket as a layering piece on a bed or something to cozy up with on your favorite chair. But, it can also be used by itself as an alternative to a comforter or duvet.

Quilts are really one of the oldest forms of bedding. The earliest quilts can be traced back thousands of years. And, yes, they seem to be making a comeback. Whether they are traditionally patched, appliqued and joined like you might see in a vintage or that someone’s grandmother or great-grandmother made, or (like ours) more simple and contemporary in design but stitched and quilted, quilts are the perfect way to add a splash of color or create a layer of texture to your room and a little pizzazz to your home. That is possibly what is driving their resurgence.

Prices vary for both quilts and comforters and depend on a number of factors. The key price drivers are the fabric quality, the fill quality, the work on making them and the shipping costs. Generally, polyester or microfiber is less expensive than cotton. Quilts are generally made of cotton and have a lot of cotton fill. Quilts are heaving stitched/quilted. Although that work is mostly done my machine these days, it is still time-consuming and uses a lot of thread. Comforters, however, are much bulkier than quilts so cost more to transport.

Quilts are wonderfully versatile and timeless. They are lighter than comforters so are perfect for warmer climates or warmer months. In colder months, just add a blanket layer if desired. Because they are lightweight, they are easier to take care of. Our quilts are generally machine washable and do not take nearly as much room in your home washing machine as a comforter. They are also a great way to add a layer of color or texture or a splash of design to your home. So, if when shopping for your next bedding refresh, consider a quilt.

This is really a matter of preference. Some kids prefer lighter coverings, some like to be snuggled up in something lofty. Talk to your child and see what they prefer. Both quilts and comforters come in a variety of fun styles and colors.

Yes.  From time to time we are overstocked in some items or changing out a design.  Please check out our ­SALE page from time to time to see what specials we are running.  If you want to be added to our mailing list to hear about any sales first, click here.