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8 Bedroom Color Ideas | Unlock Your Bedroom's Potential

Bedroom Color Ideas

Choosing a color for your bedroom can be great fun.  This blog will explore some of my current favorite color schemes.  When choosing a color for your bedroom, remember that your bedroom is more than just a place to rest; it's a sanctuary of comfort and relaxation.  It is where you start and end your day. Choosing the right colors for this intimate space can significantly impact your mood, emotions, and overall well-being.

"Color is a powerful tool that can be used to create a variety of moods and atmospheres. In the bedroom, you want to create a space that is both calming and inviting. Choose colors that you find relaxing and that will help you unwind at the end of the day." - Susan Ferrier, Interior Designer

Transforming Your Bedroom: Inspiring Bedroom Color Ideas

Changing the color of a wall in any room can have a significant impact on the overall look and feel of the space. Here are some ways in which wall color can affect the bedroom's appearance.

Mood and Atmosphere

As mentioned earlier, colors can influence emotions and mood. Lighter and cooler colors like pastels and blues create a calming and serene atmosphere, while warmer and bolder colors like reds and oranges can add energy and vibrancy to the room. So, the chosen wall color can set the overall tone of the space.

Perceived Size

Wall colors can visually alter the perception of a room's size. Lighter colors tend to make a room feel more spacious and open, while darker colors can create a cozier and more intimate ambiance.

Lighting and Brightness

Wall color can affect how light interacts with the room. Light-colored walls reflect more light and can help brighten up a space, especially when paired with ample natural light. Conversely, darker walls absorb light, which can create a more subdued and intimate atmosphere, but might require more artificial lighting.

Accentuation of Design Elements

A change in wall color can draw attention to specific design elements in the room. For example, a brightly colored accent wall can highlight a piece of artwork, a fireplace, or a unique architectural feature.

Coherence and Style

The color of the walls plays a significant role in tying together the overall decor and style of the room. It complements the furniture, flooring, and other accessories, creating a cohesive and harmonious design.

Personality and Expression

The color of the walls can reflect the homeowner's personality and taste. Whether it's a bold statement color or a more subtle and neutral tone, the wall color can express individuality and create a sense of belonging in the space.

Time of Day

The appearance of wall color can change throughout the day due to variations in natural and artificial lighting. For example, a color that looks warm and inviting during the day might appear different at night under artificial light.  Before finally picking a color, I always like to paint a swatch of the color on the wall and leave it up and check it out throughout the day and night to get a sense of the color as the light changes.

"The bedroom should be a sanctuary where you can relax and recharge. When choosing colors for your bedroom, it is important to consider your personal preferences and the overall mood you want to create. If you are looking for a calming space, choose soft, neutral colors. If you want a more energetic space, you can choose bolder colors." - Sarah Richardson, Interior Designer

8 Bedroom Color Ideas for a Dreamy Bedroom Oasis

So, here’s a list of my 8 favorite color combos for a perfect bedroom.

1.  Serene Seashore

A delicate blend of soft blues and pale creams reminiscent of tranquil shores, inviting a sense of calm and serenity into your bedroom. The perfect hue for those seeking a peaceful escape from the daily hustle and bustle, as it creates a soothing atmosphere for restful nights and tranquil mornings. Here is the Levtex Ipanema Quilt Set, which completely encapsulates the “serene seashell” color palette!

Bedroom Color Ideas: Serene Seashore

2.  Enchanted Forest

Transform your bedroom into an ethereal wonderland with deep, rich greens that evoke the mystical allure of a magical forest. This enchanting color choice invites a touch of nature indoors, fostering a connection to the outdoors and offering a sense of grounding and rejuvenation. 

Bedroom Color Ideas: Enchanted Forest

3.  Golden Dreamscape

Bask in the warm embrace of this luxurious and inviting color, akin to the glow of a golden sunset. The opulent blend of gold and honey hues adds a touch of sophistication to your bedroom, making it a haven for unwinding and indulging in moments of self-pampering. 

Bedroom Color Ideas: Golden Dreamscape

4.  Vintage Lavender Haze

Transport yourself to a bygone era with a touch of nostalgia, as soft lavender undertones cast a gentle haze over your bedroom, exuding timeless elegance and grace. This vintage-inspired color choice fosters a sense of relaxation and adds a touch of sophistication to your personal haven. 

Bedroom Color Ideas: Vintage Lavender Haze

5.  Whispering Ash

A light gray bedroom inspired by the hushed tones of ash wood, infusing your space with a sense of timeless elegance and versatility. This understated and sophisticated color choice lends itself well to various decor styles, allowing you to effortlessly transform your bedroom into a harmonious and inviting retreat. This look is really set off with the help of the Caden Cotton Muslin Grey Mist Coverlet Set from Levtex Home.

Bedroom Color Ideas: Whispering Ash

6.  Blushing Petal Paradise

Embrace the charm of a delicate floral escape with blush-pink tones that create an atmosphere of tender romance and femininity. This gentle color choice invites a feeling of comfort and tenderness, making it a perfect choice for a dreamy and graceful bedroom. Here is the Ophelia Quilt Set from Levtex Home.

Bedroom Color Ideas: Blushing Petal Paradise

7.  Midnight Magic

Unlock the allure of the night with the mystical charm of deep, dark blues or moody purples. Midnight Magic casts a mesmerizing spell over your bedroom, imbuing it with a sense of mystery and enchantment, making it the perfect sanctuary for peaceful introspection. Pair the Basel Quilt set from Levtex with a deep purple wall and dark blue pillows and accessories, pictured below.

Bedroom Color Ideas: Midnight Magic

8.  Euphoric Emerald Haven

Enliven your bedroom with the lush vibrancy of emerald greens, reminiscent of a secret garden retreat. This invigorating color choice creates a connection to nature and infuses your space with a sense of renewal and positivity, revitalizing your mind and spirit. 

Bedroom Color Ideas: Euphoric Emerald Haven

Have fun with color, it can really help set the tone in your bedroom!


Q: How do wall colors impact the atmosphere in a bedroom?

A: Wall colors play a significant role in shaping the mood and overall atmosphere of a bedroom. Lighter and cooler colors, like pastels and blues, have the ability to create a calming and serene ambiance, making your bedroom a peaceful retreat. In contrast, warmer and bolder colors such as reds and oranges can infuse the room with energy and vibrancy, offering diverse bedroom color ideas.

Q: Can wall colors influence the perception of a bedroom's size?

A: Absolutely, wall colors can visually alter how spacious or cozy your bedroom feels. Lighter colors tend to create an illusion of more space and openness, making a room appear larger than it might be. Conversely, darker colors can contribute to a cozier and more intimate ambiance, a factor to consider when exploring different bedroom color ideas.

Q: How can wall colors be used to accentuate design elements in a bedroom?

A: Changing the wall color is a clever way to draw attention to specific design elements within your bedroom. For instance, a brightly colored accent wall can serve as a striking backdrop to showcase a piece of artwork, emphasize a fireplace, or highlight a unique architectural feature, enhancing your overall bedroom color ideas.

Written by Michael Levin