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Unveiling the Best of Levtex Home: A Journey Through The Finest Selections Of 2023

Best Quilts: A Journey Through The Finest Selections Of 2023

As we turn the page on another year, it's time to reflect on the journey we've taken in 2023. This past year has been a remarkable one, filled with innovative designs, cozy comforts, and a commitment to quality that has set new benchmarks in home decor. We have continued to try and redefined the essence of a warm and welcoming home, bringing an array of products that not only elevate your living space but also resonate with the latest trends, timeless elegance and unexpected value.

“Bedding is quickly becoming one of the most important elements in a room. The days of plain Jane white bedding are over. A great outfit is never complete without great shoes and the same goes for a bedroom: A great bedroom without amazing bedding to go with it just falls flat and does not feel as thoughtful.” - Andrew Howard, interior designer

From comfy and cozy to crisp and fresh, 2023 saw Levtex Home delve deeper into the heart of what makes a house a home. With each product, we have tried to weave a story of comfort, style, and sustainability. In this blog, we're excited to showcase the crème de la crème of Levtex Home's 2023 collection. Whether you're a longtime fan or discovering the brand for the first time, join us as we explore the best products that have captured the hearts of the many people that make Levtex Home their choice in bedding.

Welcome to the best of Levtex Home 2023.

The Best Buy - Most Versatile

The Best Buy - Most Versatile Quilt Set

No matter what your personal style is, lots of customers gravitated to the Mills Waffle Collection.  Whether they were layering it with a rustic print in a cozy cabin or with a bright white linen duvet in a clean, contemporary bedroom, the Mills Taupe quilt set was the runaway winner for most versatile bedding set of the year.  We loved the photos customers shared of the ways they had used it with so many different styles in so many of their bedrooms.  The cozy, cotton waffle has just the right combination of texture and softness to be the perfect addition to any bedroom.

The Best Bright - Most Fun

The Best Bright - Most Fun Duvet Set

The 100% cotton Jules duvet cover set with its bright, funky, bohemian design was an instant classic.  Whether brightening up the guest room, or adding just the right boho touch to a dorm room, customers appreciated the exciting mix of color and pattern. This duvet set effortlessly bridges the gap between contemporary chic and bohemian flair. Its design is versatile enough to complement a variety of interior design themes, from a modern minimalist apartment to a cozy, eclectic home. This adaptability makes it a fun choice for a range of personal styles and preferences. Its cheerful design can uplift moods and transform a bedroom into a haven of positivity and fun.

"In reaction to the stiff, hotel-like linens that have been dominating the bedding industry as of late, bedding that adds texture, depth, and playfulness is quickly coming back into style," she says. Textured bedding has become increasingly popular, from ruffles and pleats to tufted and quilted designs." - Hilde Leiaghat, Pom Pom at Home founder and CEO

The Best Theme Setter - Most Transformational

The Best Theme Setter - Most Transformational Quilt Set

The Malana Quilt Set's tropical design is a celebration of vibrant colors and exotic patterns. This design can instantly transform a bedroom from a mundane space to a lively, tropical oasis. The bold prints and vivid colors evoke feelings of being in a lush, serene paradise, bringing an element of escapism to everyday life. The tropical theme of the Malana Quilt Set is not just visually appealing but also mood-elevating. It's well-known that colors and patterns have a psychological impact, and the cheerful, bright palette of this quilt set definitely influences the mood and energy of a room. This transformative effect can make it an ideal choice for really setting the tone in your bedroom.

The Best Value

The Best Value Quilt Set

Available in 5 colors, each of the Rowan quilt sets offers an exceptional value. Levtex Home is known for its commitment to quality, and the Rowan Quilt Set is no exception. Made with durable materials and excellent craftsmanship, this tufted quilt set is designed to last. Priced accessibly while still offering the luxurious feel and look of more expensive bedding, it represents exceptional value for money. This balance of affordability and luxury made it a standout choice for customers seeking quality without breaking the bank. The timeless and versatile design of the Rowan Quilt Set makes it suitable for a wide range of bedroom decors. This versatility means that it won't go out of style quickly, unlike more trend-driven designs, ensuring that it remains a relevant and attractive part of bedroom decor for years to come.

Now that you've seen the highlights of what Levtex Home had to offer for 2023, why not bring this excellence into your own home? Visit the Levtex Home website or your nearest retailer to view these magnificent collections in person. Feel the quality, see the vibrant colors, and imagine how these pieces can transform your space. Don't forget to sign up for the latest updates and exclusive offers. And, if you're as excited about these products as we are, share your favorite Levtex Home finds on social media using #LevtexHome and inspire others with your stylish choices.

Embrace the change, welcome the comfort, and revel in the style that Levtex Home brings to your doorstep. Make this the year your home shines with personality and elegance. Discover the best of Levtex Home today – where every product is a promise of quality, comfort, and impeccable style.

"More organic, fluid patterns as well as the integration of botanical-inspired prints are what 2024 is all about. Connectivity to nature through design, especially in our bedroom, creates a peaceful calming environment where we can relax and recharge." - James Stanley, principal designer and founder of James Stanley NY


Q: Are quilts suitable for all seasons, or should I have different quilts for summer and winter?

A: Quilts come in various weights and materials, making them adaptable for different seasons. Lighter weight quilts, such as those made with lightweight cotton or organic materials, are ideal for warmer climates or summer use. For colder seasons or cooler climates, opting for thicker quilts made of materials like velvet or layered with additional batting provides more warmth. When considering quilt options for different seasons, the choice of fabric and quilt weight plays a pivotal role in ensuring a comfortable sleep experience throughout the year.

When exploring options for winter, a velvet quilt or a quilt set featuring multiple layers could be a cozy choice to fend off the cold. Alternatively, organic cotton or lightweight quilts are excellent options to beat the summer heat and offer breathability.

Q: How do I maintain and clean my quilt to keep it in top condition?

A: Most quilts are machine washable; however, it's essential to follow the manufacturer's care instructions. Washing in cold water with a mild detergent and using a gentle cycle helps maintain the quilt's quality. Avoiding harsh chemicals and tumble-drying on low heat or line drying can also preserve the quilt's fabric and stitching. Regular care and cleaning of your quilt not only maintain its appearance but also extend its longevity, ensuring you get the best value for your investment.

When handling velvet or tufted quilts, it's advisable to use a gentle handwashing method or professional dry cleaning to retain the fabric's texture and color vibrancy over time.

Q: What materials are commonly used in premium quilts, and how do they affect comfort and durability?

A: Premium quilts often feature high-quality materials like organic cotton, velvet, linen, or blends of these fabrics. Each material offers unique comfort and durability characteristics. Organic cotton provides breathability and softness, while velvet exudes luxury and warmth. Linen is known for its durability and moisture-wicking properties. The choice of material influences the quilt's feel, breathability, and long-term durability. Opting for premium materials ensures not only enhanced comfort but also a luxurious feel that contributes to a restful night's sleep.

When considering gifting a quilt, organic cotton options or those crafted with premium materials can make thoughtful presents that prioritize both quality and sustainability.

Q: What's the ideal thread count for a high-quality quilt, and does it really matter?

A: Thread count isn't the sole determinant of quilt quality; however, it can indicate fabric density and smoothness. A higher thread count typically suggests a softer and more luxurious feel. A thread count ranging from 200 to 400 is considered suitable for most quilts, offering a good balance between comfort and durability. However, the focus should also be on the overall craftsmanship and material quality rather than solely relying on thread count to gauge the quilt's excellence.

When aiming for a luxurious feel, considering a higher thread count along with premium materials like organic cotton can contribute to an opulent sleeping experience.

Q: What's the difference between quilts and comforters, and which one is better for me?

A: Quilts and comforters differ in construction and appearance. Quilts are typically thinner, made of multiple layers of fabric stitched together, offering a lightweight yet cozy option. Comforters are thicker and filled with synthetic fibers, down, or other materials, providing more warmth and loft. The choice between them depends on personal preference, climate, and desired level of warmth and style. Understanding the distinction between these bedding options allows you to select the most suitable one based on your preferences and the intended use in your home.

For individuals seeking a lighter bedding option or desiring a more decorative addition to their bedroom, quilts provide versatility and style with various quilt color and design options available in the market.


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