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Elevate Your Home with Hamptons Style Decor: 7 Easy Tips to Make the Look Yours

Hamptons Style Decor

Popular media is full of references to the exclusive Hamptons, a coveted vacation spot reserved for the upper echelon of the East Coast. Its sophisticated and enigmatic allure feels aspirational in ways, yet its laid-back, clean coastal style is also incredibly accessible. The draw of Hamptons style decor lies in its sophisticated yet relaxed beachy charm, embodying the luxury of seaside living with approachable and understated elegance. 

This decor style encapsulates the essence of the high-end homes that make up the Hamptons, where light-filled rooms, soft color palettes, and an effortless blend of comfort and luxury prevail. Whether it’s an airy linen duvet cover or a chic, subtle stitched coastal quilt, design components like these are perfect for infusing this serene aesthetic into every corner of your home. So let's ensure that your space not only looks stunning, but also provides a calming retreat from the ever-busy world outside. What’s the secret to achieving the look you might ask? We’re here to break it down for you.

What is Hamptons Style Decor?

"The Hampton’s style has its provenance in the laid-back seaside cottages of Long Island in New York. Its casual and breezy elegant look reminds us of serenity waves, calm skies and bygone days when ships would sail to the harbor and exotic spoils land on our doorsteps. In a way, it is stepping into a world of paradise where rustic charm pairs well with clean ironed linen." Amy Lau, New York-based designer

Hamptons style decor is inspired by the upscale New York beachfront areas known for its opulent yet tastefully casual homes. This style draws inspiration from a light, neutral color palette accented by soft blues, greens, and the occasional “splash” of nautical color. It’s highly characterized by an abundance of natural light and materials such as linen, cotton, and wood, reflecting a sophisticated blend of nature that still feels luxurious. Hamptons style interiors are designed to create a relaxing atmosphere that makes any home reminiscent of an idyllic seaside getaway.

How to Infuse Hamptons Decorating Style into Your Home

Dreaming of transforming your home into a breezy Hamptons style retreat? There’s some good news—you don't need to start from scratch! Achieving that elegant and coastal vibe is all about sprinkling in key elements that capture the essence of the Hamptons. It’s less about a complete home makeover and more about the fun of mixing and matching, while layering the right textures and colors to pull forward that beachy sophistication into your space. Think of it as a decorating adventure, where you get to paint with a brush of soft neutrals and oceanic blues, cozy up with luxurious linens and cottons, and find those perfect statement pieces that whisper 'relaxed elegance.' Let’s dive in and make your home a showcase of Hamptons chic, one delightful detail at a time!

“The appeal of the classic Hamptons style is its refined balance between sophistication, relaxation and indulgent luxury” Natalee Bowen, interior designer and principal at Indah Island

Step 1: Incorporate Light, Airy Color Schemes

The foundation of Hamptons style decor is its distinctive, clean, and airy color palette. Soft, neutral colors such as white, beige, and various shades of gray create a serene and inviting backdrop, while accents of blue—from sky to navy—evoke the nearby coastal elements. These hues not only promote a sense of calm and relaxation but are also essential for evoking an authentic Hamptons atmosphere. To maximize natural light, which is a key component of this style, use translucent window treatments that allow sunlight to permeate the space and place mirrors strategically across from windows to further enhance the light and airy feel. Consider incorporating elements from coastal bedding collections, which are designed to effortlessly integrate these soothing colors into your home décor.

"Start with a neutral palette. It helps achieve the laid-back feel of the Hamptons. Working with natural fibers such as linens, cotton, woven textures, and woods can help achieve that sought after Hamptons vibe while staying true to your own personal style.” Jessica Neuman, designer at Numi Interior Design

Step 2: Choose Natural and Luxurious Materials

Choosing the right materials is key to capturing the allure of Hamptons style, which celebrates the beauty of the natural environment via interior design. Fabrics like linen and cotton add a tactile richness and comfort to the home, reminiscent of the softness of beach elements. These materials should be utilized in upholstery, draperies, and bedding to bring a breezy, casual feeling into your home, but used in intentional ways to maintain an air of sophistication. Additionally, incorporating wood in furniture or decorative pieces adds a natural yet bespoke touch, further complementing the luxurious feel of your space. Our textured bedding collection features a variety of options that beautifully embody these natural and luxurious qualities, perfect for ornamenting any room with Hamptons elegance.

Hamptons Style Decor: Natural and Luxurious Materials

Step 3: Stand Out with Statement Furniture

Within the interiors of the Hamptons, furniture plays a pivotal role. It acts as both a functional and stylistic cornerstone of each room. Opt for oversized sofas and armchairs upholstered in natural fabrics (like linen or soft cotton) to evoke relaxation and contribute to the room’s overall aesthetic appeal. These pieces should feature sleek, classic lines that present a subdued elegance, rich in both comfort and style. Accent furniture, such as a hand-carved wooden coffee table or a vintage-inspired trunk, can serve as the focal point of the room, sparking conversation while adding a component of tasteful refinement. These statement pieces not only center the space but also ensure that each room maintains a balance of casual comfort with a touch of luxury, characteristic of Hamptons style homes.

Step 4: Layer Your Textiles for the Perfect Hamptons Style Home

“I recommend linens in whites and neutral tones, stripes, and layering natural textures." Lydia Maskiell, interior designer of Lydia Maskiell Interiors

The strategic use of textiles is vital in achieving the effortlessly luxurious Hamptons look. Begin by selecting plush throws and overstuffed pillows that introduce varying textures and complementary colors to your space. Area rugs also play a crucial role; choose options in soft neutrals or with subtle patterns to define different areas within your home, providing a soft underfoot texture that defines different sections of your space in cozy ways. Experiment with a variety of patterns, such as nautical stripes, delicate botanical prints, or abstract designs that resonate with the coastal theme, injecting personality and depth into your decor. Incorporate these textiles in unexpected ways—drape a woven throw over a reading chair, layer rugs on a hardwood floor, or mix and match pillow patterns on a sofa to create a dynamic, inviting environment.

Hamptons Style Decor: Layer Your Textiles for the Perfect Hamptons Style Home

Step 5: Accessorize with Art and Natural Elements

"A classic maritime palette of blue, red and white is a fun place to start. Think rope detailing, textured sisal, printed soft linens and breezy cottons on upholstery. Antiques and vintage art really anchor a space near the water." Amy Spargo, designer at Maine House, Victoria, Australia

Accessories are the finishing touches that define the mood and elevate the overall aesthetic of your Hamptons style home. Start by selecting art that reflects the tranquility of the seaside—think seascapes, pastoral landscapes, or abstract pieces in soothing blues and greens. These should serve as wall focal points that captivate and soothe any viewer. Further accentuate these with natural elements like vases filled with breezy wildflowers, bowls filled with beach finds like shells and sea glass, or a tabletop adorned with coral and driftwood. Such elements should harmonize with the overarching soft color palette and textures of your decor, subtly elevating the space without overwhelming it. Position these items to create vignettes that draw the eye and invite closer inspection, thereby enriching the narrative of your home’s design.

Hamptons Style Decor: Accessorize with Art and Natural Elements

Step 6: Create an Outdoor Continuation of Your Space

“Keep it simple, keep it personal, highlight the beauty of nature and try to bring a bit of the outside in. Make sure the house will stand up to sand, water, and a lot of people coming in and out.” Cortney and Robert Novogratz, designer husband-and-wife duo

Creating a seamless flow between indoor and outdoor spaces is pivotal to Hamptons style, embodying a lifestyle that literally transcends the confines of the home’s interior. Outdoor furniture should mirror the comfort and style of your interior pieces—think teak loungers, wicker sofas, and upholstered seating that withstand the elements while promoting relaxation. Layer these with outdoor rugs, weather-resistant cushions, and throws in colors and patterns that work in tandem with the interior narrative scheme. This spatial continuity ensures that your patio or garden becomes an extension of your living space, perfect for entertaining guests or private enjoyment. Strategically place lighting, such as lanterns or string lights, to enhance the ambiance and extend the usability of these spaces beyond sunset and into the evening.

Step 7: Draw on Minimalistic Elegance

Embracing minimalism in Hamptons decor is about refining and simplifying the space to highlight the elegance and airy atmosphere. A less-is-more approach is suggested, and by selecting fewer but more impactful pieces of furniture and decor, you can achieve this with ease. Large, statement pieces like a grand coffee table or a striking piece of artwork will serve as the anchor in a room, while well-chosen accessories like a single oversized vase or a pair of elegant lamps can complement without cluttering. Keep surfaces clear, clean, and tidy. Allow each selected piece to stand out and contribute to the overall open and serene feeling of your space. This minimalist approach not only spotlights the beauty of each item but also suggests a tranquil environment that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

"Take away anything small or unnecessary including furniture and objects and arrange the space around a focal point whether it be the joinery, artwork or a fireplace.” Melanie Tomlinson, interior designer at Melanie Tomlinson Interior Design
Hamptons Style Decor: Draw on Minimalistic Elegance

Ready to Make Your Home a Hamptons Style Personal Getaway?

While “vacationing” through the essence of Hamptons style decor, we’ve uncovered that the secret to achieving this look is simpler than it might seem. Just as the Hamptons itself has captivated the imaginations of many with its blend of sophistication and seaside ease, so too can your home (regardless of location) reflect this coveted style. 

With its light-filled rooms and soft color palettes, Hamptons decor offers a balance of luxury and comfort that transforms everyday living spaces into serene getaways. Embrace the elements that define this style—from coastal-inspired bedding to elegant, understated furniture—and infuse them into your home to create a visually stunning and tranquil space. Remember, achieving the Hamptons look isn't about opulence for opulence's sake; it’s about creating a space that feels both grand and grounded, a perfect escape from the whirlwind of daily life. So why not bring a touch of the Hamptons charm into your home? Let it be your retreat, where the luxury of seaside living meets the comfort of your personal sanctuary.

"The Hamptons is the country and the ocean. The charm of the villages and the beautiful beaches. The lifestyle is chill and relaxed. Clean, crisp, healthy living. I think if you can add a little of that anywhere, just do it." Robert Stilin, designer and owner at "Robert Stilin Interiors", New York


How do I start transforming my room into a Hamptons style space?

To start transforming your room into a Hamptons style space, focus on key elements of Hamptons style decor. Begin with a light and airy color palette, using soft neutrals like white, beige, and gray, accented with shades of blue. Incorporate natural materials such as linen, cotton, and wood. Choose statement furniture pieces that blend comfort and elegance, and layer textiles like throws and pillows to add depth and texture. 

Can Hamptons style decor work in smaller spaces?

Yes, Hamptons style decor can work beautifully in smaller spaces. The key to achieving this look in a compact area is to maximize natural light, use a light color palette to create an open and airy feel, and select furniture that is both functional and stylish. Opt for multi-purpose pieces and keep the decor minimalistic to avoid clutter. 

What are the must-have pieces for a Hamptons style bedroom? 

Must-have pieces for a Hamptons style bedroom include a cozy, upholstered bed with soft linens, a neutral-toned duvet cover, and plush pillows. Add a statement piece like a wooden headboard or a vintage-inspired bedside table. Incorporate natural materials such as a woven throw or a textured rug. These design ideas help create a tranquil, coastal-inspired retreat in your home. 

Can I mix other decor styles with Hamptons style?

Yes, you can mix other decor styles with Hamptons style. The key is to maintain a cohesive color scheme and choose complementary elements. For example, you can blend Hamptons style with modern interior design by incorporating sleek, minimalist furniture or mix it with rustic decor by adding distressed wood pieces. This fusion allows for a personalized and unique Hamptons style interior.

 Written by Spencer Spirng


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