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Creating a Whimsical Retreat: The Joy of Animal-Themed Nurseries

Animal Themed Nursery

Setting the Stage: Choosing the Perfect Nursery Theme

Designing your nursery is a deeply intimate and joyful part of preparing for a new addition to the family. When pondering a theme to anchor your newborn’s haven, animal-themed nurseries are a tried and true direction to move towards. They hold a special place in the hearts of countless parents due to their universal appeal and innate charm. These themes resonate with our intrinsic love for nature and animals, making them a perennial favorite. Animals embody characteristics we admire—courage from lions, wisdom from owls, or playfulness from monkeys—qualities we can hope to inspire in our developing children. Additionally, animal themes offer endless creative possibilities, allowing diverse colors, textures, and patterns to create a cherishing environment that sparks your baby’s visual and cognitive development. 

From the soothing scenes of ocean waves to the enchanting forests filled with woodland creatures, animal-themed nurseries provide a versatile and engaging backdrop that can evolve with your child over the years. Let’s explore how these themes not only beautify your nursery space, but also foster learning and imagination: a delightful choice for your baby's first room!

“We have to remember when we design these rooms that we’re human animals, and the less perfect an environment, the more tolerant and flexible the child. Probably.” New York designer and mother of three Celerie Kemble

Woodland Creatures Nursery: Fresh & Fun Animal Themed Nursery Ideas for the Curious Newborn

The allure of a woodland nursery rests in its ability to bring the peacefulness and beauty of nature indoors. This theme encapsulates the essence of a tranquil forest, filled with the gentle rustle of leaves and the soft calls of forest creatures. To start, choose a color palette of earthy tones such as sage green, soft browns, and creamy beiges. These colors lay a natural foundation that mimics the forest floor and tree trunks. For the walls, consider a large-scale mural depicting an arboreal forest scene or simple tree decals that add depth and interest without overwhelming the space. Furniture pieces should be chosen for their natural textures and finishes—think a crib and dresser in unfinished wood or with a light, weathered stain to keep the room feeling light and airy.

Incorporating natural materials drives home the authenticity of the woodland theme. Rugs made of natural fibers like jute or wool can ground the room while adding texture and warmth underfoot. Bedding and curtains with leaf or tree patterns can tie the entire room together, while soft lighting from a wood-based lamp or fairy lights strung subtly around the room can create a magical, starlit effect. Accessorize the space with plush toys that represent woodland animals—foxesbearsowls, and deer—arranged thoughtfully on shelves or in cozy reading nooks. Adding a rocking chair upholstered in a neutral, textured fabric provides a perfect spot for soothing your baby and enjoying quiet moments together. Maybe even a quilt thrown over the rocking chair that features verdant colors and woodland scenes. To breathe life into the woodland theme, consider creating an environment that appeals to a baby’s developing senses. A mobile featuring forest animals and leaves dancing overhead can capture your baby's attention and aid in visual development. Soft, ambient sounds of the forest, such as a sound machine that plays the chirping of birds or a gentle breeze, can provide auditory stimulation while helping soothe your baby to sleep. Interactive play elements like touch-and-feel books about forest animals or a rug with a map of a forest path reinforce early motor skills and cognitive development. By planting these elements, your nursery becomes more than just a place for sleep. It becomes a woodsy wonderland of growth and exploration for your newborn! 

“A lot of my clients request a nursery that isn’t too juvenile. They want the room to grow with their child. They also want a nursery with a gender-neutral color scheme, because, later on, the room may be used for a second child.” Elizabeth Lawson, interior designer
Animal Themed Nursery: Woodland Creatures Nursery

Jungle Safari Nursery: Instilling Adventure with Safari Nursery Ideas from a Young Age 

jungle safari nursery theme bids boldness and adventure into your little one's first environment. It’s an exciting world of lush greens and rich earth tones that stimulate the imagination while bearing the heart of the jungle. Begin with vibrant, jungle-inspired wallpaper or a large wall mural featuring towering trees, exotic animals, and dense foliage to serve as the room’s focal point. Furniture should be substantial and durable, with dark woods like mahogany or teak adding to the jungle ambiance. Opt for bright accents in shades of sunshine yellow, fiery orange, and deep red in accessories such as throw pillows, blankets, and area rugs. These elements collectively create a dynamic space that captures the essence of an adventurous safari.

The nursery should be visually gorgeous, but avoid overdecorating. Use animal print patterns sparingly to maintain an element of sophistication—perhaps in a single statement piece like a rocking chair or a set of curtains. Storage solutions can be both fun and practical; think woven baskets that mimic the look of safari gear or storage bins shaped like jungle animals to keep toys neatly tucked away yet easily accessible. Incorporate playful, interactive decor such as a height chart designed like a giraffe or knobs and handles on the dresser that resembles jungle creatures. These details add a layer of engagement and fun for your child as they grow, giving them a sense of pride in their space–just like a lion!

“Because I knew the family would spend most of their time playing on the floor with their new baby, I chose a plush circular rug to cover most of the hardwood floor in the room which is chic as it is whimsical." Eduardo Ardiles, interior designer

To enhance the sensory experience of the jungle theme, you can implement elements that engage a plethora of senses. A soft, plush area rug with a leaf or animal print provides a comfortable place for your baby to crawl and play, while ambient jungle sounds can be played during naps to increase immersion. A mobile above the crib featuring parrots, monkeys, lions, and elephants adds movement and color, encouraging visual and motor skills. You can also introduce live plants to improve air quality and reiterate the motif of the jungle setting. Just ensure the plants you choose are safe for children! With a nursery as captivating as the jungle theme, you’re ensuring your child will be filled with curiosity and adventure as they grow!

Animal Themed Nursery: Jungle Safari Nursery

Rainbow Unicorn Nursery: Imaginative and Magical Themed Nursery for Modern Future Dreamers

Step into a realm of fantasy with a rainbow unicorn nursery theme, where dreams and magic converge in a kaleidoscope of pastel hues. This theme delights the eyes and soul with its blend of whimsy and wonder, featuring soft pastel colors that evoke a serene yet joyful atmosphere. Begin by painting the walls in a pale lavender, mint green, or soft pink. If you don’t want to paint, choose a wallpaper that sparkles with subtle glitter embedded into designs of unicorns and rainbows. Furniture should maintain a light, ethereal look—opt for pieces in white or light pastels, which help to keep the room feeling magical and bright. Accent these with metallic or iridescent touches, such as drawer pulls or picture frames, to add a magical shimmer that captures the imaginative component of this nursery theme.

"In the last 5 years, we've seen the trend of all neutral palettes. However, more recently, we've been reintroduced to bright and vibrant colors and patterns in design schemes." Nina Patterson, the co-founder and principal of Two 7 Interiors

Decorative elements should inspire awe in fantastical ways. Install shelves that display an array of unicorn figurines, storybooks with fairy tales, and soft, plush toys in the shapes of mythical creatures. For textiles, select soft, flowing fabrics for curtains and bedding, embellished with stars, moons, and clouds that combine with the fairy-tale aesthetic. Floor rugs in the shapes of clouds or stars add comfort and style, setting a perfect stage for little feet to crawl into their wonderland.

Install a light fixture that casts soft, colored lights across the room, mimicking the magical light one might expect in a unicorn's world, or use lamps that project images of rainbows and stars onto the walls. Consider adding a musical element with a wind chime or a music box that plays whimsical tunes for ambiance. Finally, a variety of textures in the decor, from smooth, silky curtains to a fluffy, faux-fur blanket, can make the nursery not only look, but feel like the inside of a child’s imagination.

Animal Themed Nursery: Rainbow Unicorn Nurser

Sea and Ocean Nursery Theme: Nautical and Perfect for any Water Baby

“I feel so peaceful by the ocean — I wanted to create a space where my little one and I could share in that feeling" Lindsay Lohan, actress, singer-songwriter, producer and entrepreneur.

Dive into the tranquil depths of a sea and ocean-themed nursery, where the soothing palette of the deep blue sea meets the sandy shores. Begin by painting the walls in various shades of blue, ranging from the palest aqua to a deep navy, to evoke the expansive and soothing qualities of the ocean. Accents like white or sandy beige can mimic the beach and break up the blues, providing a balanced and peaceful backdrop. Consider using wallpaper that features subtle wave patterns or a mural of a calm seascape to set a serene scene. Furniture in white or weathered gray will complement this theme and enhance the feeling of being by the seaside. For a touch of childlike wonder, you might include a boat-shaped bookshelf or a crib that resembles a sailor’s bunk.

“Because I felt so strongly about creating an oceanscape, I knew the wall mural would be key." Lindsay Lohan, actress, singer-songwriter, producer and entrepreneur.

In terms of textiles and soft furnishings, opt for fabrics that continue the oceanic theme. Bedding, curtains, and rugs can incorporate motifs like waves, fish, coral, and marine life, bringing the vibrancy of the ocean floor into the room. Choose soft, flowing materials that mimic the movement of water to add to the room’s calming effect. Plush area rugs that feel like sand underfoot or a wave-patterned throw can add tactile elements that are both functional and thematic. For lighting, consider lamps that cast a soft, dappled light, reminiscent of sunlight filtering through water, which creates a soothing, underwater ambiance.

mobile featuring marine animals such as dolphins, turtles, and fish will captivate your baby's attention and stimulate visual tracking. Sounds play a vital role too; consider a sound machine that emits ocean waves or gentle whale songs to soothe your baby to sleep. Textural contrasts, like smooth shell decorations and rough, natural driftwood pieces, can be introduced when safe for your child to explore as they grow. Adding elements that move or change, such as curtains that flutter with the breeze, can also simulate the ever-changing environment of the ocean, keeping the theme dynamic and engaging! 

Animal Themed Nursery: Sea and Ocean Nursery Theme

Conclusion: Design Your Modern Dream Nursery with Levtex Home's Themed Bedding and Decor Collections

Since we’ve journeyed through the enchanting worlds of themed nurseries, it's clear that these themes do more than just decorate a room; they cultivate dreams and nurture the young minds that will one day explore our vast world. The whimsical nature-inspired motifs used in our nurseries are more than mere decorations—they are symbols of the qualities we hope to instill in our children! At Levtex Home, we take pride in providing a diverse range of nursery themes that embody these ideals, crafted with care to ensure they meet the evolving needs of your family.

Each collection at Levtex Home is designed to not only captivate and inspire but also to create a safe, stimulating environment where your child can thrive. From the tranquil ocean themes that evoke a sense of calm to the vibrant jungles that spark curiosity and imagination, our products offer exceptional quality and aesthetic appeal. We invite you to bring these magical themes into your home, creating a nurturing haven that encourages your child's development and reflects the boundless creativity of nature.


How do I choose between different animal-themed nursery themes? 

Choosing between different animal-themed nursery themes depends on your personal style and the ambiance you want to create. Consider whether you want a serene and calming environment, like a woodland or sea-themed nursery, or a vibrant and adventurous setting, like a jungle safari-themed nursery. Think about the colors, textures, and overall feel you want for your baby's room.

What are some popular color schemes for animal-themed nurseries? 

Popular color schemes for animal-themed nurseries vary by theme:

Are animal-themed nurseries suitable for both genders?

Yes, animal-themed nurseries are suitable for both genders. Themes like woodland, jungle safari, and sea and ocean can be customized with gender-neutral colors and decor elements. Animal nurseries offer versatile design options that can cater to any preference and create a welcoming environment for all babies.

Are there safety considerations when decorating a nursery with animal-themed elements?

Absolutely. When decorating a nursery with animal-themed elements, ensure all items are securely attached and out of your baby's reach. Avoid small parts that could be choking hazards. Use non-toxic paints and materials, choose sturdy furniture with rounded edges, and opt for soft, washable fabrics for bedding and curtains to maintain a safe and clean environment.

Can I mix and match different animal themes in a single nursery design?

Yes, you can mix and match different animal themes in a single nursery design. To maintain a cohesive look, stick to a consistent color palette and balance the variety of patterns and textures. Combining elements from various animal-themed nurseries, like woodland creatures and jungle safari, can create a unique and engaging space for your baby while keeping the overall aesthetic harmonious.

Written by Spencer Spring

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