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The Modern Bohemian Bedroom: 10 Tips to Transform Your Space

Modern Boho Bedroom

Woodstock, Coachella, and a sea of carefree spirits take in the beat of the music as the sun begins to set and paints the sky in hues of gold, purple, and white. A wide-brim hat shields you from the sun as you sway to the beat and feel the fringe on your jacket gently brush the top of your jeans. If these images inspire your inner call for adventure in faraway places, you are a bohemian at heart, and boho style might be just the vibe your home is waiting for. 

Boho Chic: The Dreamy Style for Every Wanderlust

The term bohemian means unconventional and artistic, and that's a great way to define this design style. It has its origins in 19th century Paris, where artists who rejected the lifestyle of French bourgeois moved to new areas of the city — these new areas were focused on creativity and artistic expression rather than wealth and status. That same idea is still apparent in the style today. It's an eclectic mix of diversity, culture, and art.Catherine Davin, owner & principal designer at Davin Interiors

Imagine stepping into a room that evokes earthy enchantment and eclectic adventure. Each corner of the room is a visual symphony composed of vibrant patterns, rich textures, and handpicked treasures that create a perfect harmony. Simultaneously warm and inviting, boho style also evokes freedom and creativity—it's not just about the decor, but about the ability to express your authentic self.

But today’s boho is not quite the same. Welcome to the enchanting world of modern boho, or boho chic, where the laid-back allure of bohemian aesthetics meets the tailored look of contemporary design. However, introducing a modern twist to boho chic involves a careful blend of the eclectic with the modern. Here we explore the art of embracing clean lines, minimalist principles, and a cohesive color palette without compromising that infectious bohemian spirit.

Embark on this journey today and discover how modern boho interiors can provide warming food for your soul. 

Understanding Modern Boho Style

You may be asking yourself, “What is Modern Boho?” Modern boho—also known as bohemian modern—marries the carefree, layered elements of traditional boho with the minimalism and clean lines of the modern. This style of interior design is characterized by a mixture of patterns, vibrant and earthy colors, and a variety of textures all harmoniously blended to create a laid-back yet intricate atmosphere. Boho chic is inherently eclectic and homey. In full, it's about breaking free from traditional decor rules and embracing a blasé, “anything goes” attitude.

Top 10 Tips to Achieving a Modern Boho Bedroom

Tip 1: Natural Tones Make All the Difference

Pay attention to your color palette to make sure that your room stays cohesive and collected.Justina Blakeney, designer and founder at Jungalow

A cohesive color scheme is foundational in establishing a modern boho look. Begin with neutral base colors such as soft grays, creams, or whites to establish a calm, open atmosphere. From there, introduce layers of richer, vibrant colors with accessories like throws, pillows, and rugs in jewel tones such as turquoise, emerald green, and amethyst. These vibrant hues will inject personality and energy into the room. Our Bohemian Bedding Collection features options that exemplify these color strategies, making it easy to find pieces that match your personal style. 

Tip 2: Feel Out the Room... No Really, Feel It!

The integration of various textures is essential to creating an engaging, tactile boho bedroom environment. Juxtapose natural materials like cotton and linen with more luxurious ones like velvet and silk to enhance the room’s visual and tactile appeal. Textural contrasts can be introduced through bedding, curtains, and area rugs, providing depth and an eclectic feel. Our Textured Bedding Collection includes items that feature intricate weaves and fabric techniques, ideal for adding a touch of sophistication to your bedroom. Experiment with textural pairings to find a balance that feels both cozy and stylish. Remember, you want it to feel like a wonderland; literally!

Modern Boho Bedroom: Textures

Tip 3: Layering: The More The Merrier

Layering different types of bedding is a hallmark of boho decor, contributing to a look that’s both luxurious and inviting. Start with a high-quality fitted sheet, add a decorative top sheet, then layer on quilts or comforters, and put the cherry on top with multiple pillows in various sizes and styles. Throws and blankets can be draped across the bed horizontally for accenting texture and warmth. The key is to mix materials and patterns while staying true to your initial color scheme. Levtex Home's selection of beautiful quilted throws and stunning decorative pillows are the perfect pieces for layering! 

Tip 4: Don't Be Shy, Accessorize

Accessories are pivotal in defining you within your personal boho chic. Choose eclectic items such as woven wall hangings, rattan furniture pieces, and ceramic pottery to inject personality and artistic flair into your bedroom. These elements not only complement the bedding but also serve as focal points in the room. Ensure each accessory contributes to a collected, traveled feel (which is characteristic of boho style).

Modern Boho Bedroom: Accessories

Tip 5: Infuse Nature's Touch into Your Modern Boho Bedroom

The bohemian spirit values nature, so adding flowers and house plants will help enrich the boho interior, and also give back in the form of fresh oxygen — something we all need these days.Edyta Haligowska, CEO and lead designer at HE Space Design

Natural elements like house plants, wooden accents, and jute or sisal rugs bring a touch of the outdoors inside and help to create a serene, organic atmosphere. Plants are particularly effective in boho chic, adding color and life while improving air quality. Wooden furniture with a rustic finish will anchor the room, while natural fiber rugs add warmth and texture underfoot. Consider hanging macramé plant holders or using wooden crates as bedside tables to amplify the boho look.

Modern Boho Bedroom: Natural elements

Tip 6: Light the Room so it Mimics Your Spirit

The right lighting can dramatically alter the mood of your bedroom, and that goes for ANY interior aesthetic! Soft, ambient lighting can be achieved with string lights, which add a whimsical touch, or with lanterns that cast deeper shadows. Candles, whether real or warm LED, can provide a softer glow that supplements the cozy, intimate feel of your space. Consider layering lighting by using a combination of overhead, task, and accent lights. This not only ensures functionality but also helps to create a warm, inviting atmosphere that’s associated with boho chic.

Modern Boho Bedroom: Lighting

Tip 7: Let Your Inner Artist Run Wild

This eclectic style combines vintage pieces with modern touches for a unique and stylish look. Bohemian interior design is the perfect choice for those who want to express their personality in their home. It started as an expression of artists, writers, and performers who rejected societal norms and embraced living life to its fullest. The goal is to showcase your most unique taste and sense of style, no rules.Karen Rohr, interior designer at Mackenzie Collier Interiors

Art is a wonderful way to express personal style and add color and interest to your bedroom. Choose pieces that resonate with your tastes—this could be statement paintings, black and white photographs, or abstract prints. Handmade crafts or textiles, like a woven tapestry, also add texture and intrigue to walls. If larger art pieces don’t resonate with your spirit, group smaller framed artworks to create a gorgeous gallery wall. And if you absolutely adore the way you look in the mirror; hang some up on the walls! Art, and wall space, should reflect your personality and bring inspiration to your daily routine with one waking glance.

Tip 8: Patterns, Patterns, Patterns

Mixing patterns is a staple in boho decorating but requires a careful approach to avoid a chaotic look. Stick to a consistent color palette when choosing patterned items to ensure they harmonize well. Play with different scales of patterns; a large floral print can work well with a smaller geometric pattern, for example. It’s also effective to mix different types of patterns, such as combining organic shapes with more structured forms. Pillows, rugs, and throws are excellent mediums for introducing varied patterns without overwhelming the space.

Modern Boho Bedroom: Patterns

Tip 9: Furniture With Flair

Bohemian furniture is all about making a statement and a timeless look. It is all about mixing and matching different pieces to create a unique, eclectic look that's colorful and full of personality. There's no right way to do it or limit it, making this style so fun and interesting.Karen Rohr, interior designer at Mackenzie Collier Interiors

Curate pieces of furniture that aren't just functional but also further furnish your room's aesthetic. Look for unique items at thrift stores, antique shops, or craft fairs—places where you might find one-of-a-kind pieces with a story. Vintage or hand-carved furniture pieces can serve as the room's statement pieces. Furniture with history adds depth and character to your bedroom, embodying the eclectic spirit of boho style. Remember, each furniture piece should not only be visually descriptive but also deeply reflect your personal style and preferences.

Tip 10: Make the Space Work for YOU: Personalize Your Modern Boho Bedroom Space

Ultimately, your boho chic bedroom is an embodiment of you. Incorporate personal items such as books, collections, or artwork that tell your story. Use colors and fabrics that resonate with your free spirit to ensure the space feels genuinely yours. Personalizing your space is what sets the boho style apart—it’s all about creating a habitat that feels comforting and inspiring. Don’t be afraid to break “traditional” decorating rules. Allow your intuition to take the lead and ignore the “logical” part of your brain. 

Modern Boho Bedding Selections from Levtex Home

At Levtex Home we take pride in our carefully chosen bedding sets that cater to bohemian interiors. Each set features distinctive designs and stylistic elements that are both trendy and timeless. If doing every piece in your room feels like too much, we suggest picking one of our boho bedding sets to make an easy, inexpensive, and fun change to your room. For instance, our Nadita Quilt Set is a great example of vibrant colors and exotic patterns that can breathe a touch of boho into any bedroom. 


As the dusk of today fades into the night of tomorrow, let your space echo that free-spirited, bohemian call. Imagine your home as a festival of life, where each item of decor plays its own sweet melody, contributing to a greater symphony of style and personal expression. In the modern boho chic setting you create, every day can feel like a gentle reflection of those festival sunsets, infused with creativity, comfort, and a touch of the wild unknown. So drape your surroundings with the textures and colors of adventure, anchor them with the clean, purposeful lines of modern design, and live out your days in spaces as free and spirited as a heart forever wandering, but always at home.


Can boho chic fit into any bedroom style?

Absolutely! Modern boho is versatile enough to blend with both contemporary and traditional decors. Whether your bedroom is sleek and modern or cozy and rustic, incorporating boho elements can add warmth and personality to any space. 

How do I choose the right size and style of boho bedding for my bed?

When selecting boho bedding, consider the dimensions of your bed and the overall color scheme of your room. Opt for bedding sets that complement your existing decor while adding a touch of bohemian flair. Look for bold patterns, vibrant colors, and textured fabrics to achieve the boho aesthetic you desire.

What are some budget-friendly ways to update my bedroom to a modern boho style?

Transforming your bedroom into a modern boho retreat doesn't have to break the bank. Focus on small changes that make a big impact, such as adding decorative pillows in eclectic patterns, incorporating a vibrant rug with boho-inspired motifs, or draping a colorful throw over your bed. Mixing and matching different textures and colors can instantly elevate your space without requiring a full overhaul.

Can modern boho bedding work with small or minimally designed spaces?

Absolutely! Modern boho bedding is perfect for small or minimally designed spaces. The eclectic mix of patterns, vibrant colors, and textured fabrics adds depth and visual interest to any room, making it feel cozy and inviting. To make the most of a small space, opt for boho bedding sets in neutral tones or light colors to create a sense of openness. Incorporate vintage-inspired accents like woven textiles, wooden accents, and vintage-inspired artwork to add character and charm to your space. With the right mix of modern boho bedding and thoughtful design choices, even the smallest of spaces can feel like a bohemian oasis.

Written by Spencer Spring


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