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7 Nursery Accent Wall Ideas to Spruce up your Nursery

Accent wall ideas for nursery

If you’re looking to add your personal touch or flare into your nursery, an accent wall might be a great option! As with all rooms, the purpose of an accent wall in a nursery is to create visual interest and enhance the overall design and atmosphere of the space. An accent wall is a wall that is different from the rest of the walls in color, pattern, texture, or material. Here are some of my favorite accent wall ideas. I hope some of these ideas inspire you to think about your nursery in a new way.

Utilize Wooden Slats

I love the look of wooden slats in a bedroom.  in addition to being really contemporary and modern, it is a really beautiful way to bring the warmth of wood into your nursery.  The vertical repeating wood pattern almost creates a modern woodland feel in your room and creates a gorgeous backdrop for your crib or nursery furniture.  

If you love the look but are concerned about the cost, you can even combine wood slats with wallpaper or paint on an accent wall.  You can really have fun with this one and make it your own. Play with the thickness of the slats, with colors and with spacing!

Wooden slats in a nursery bedroom

Design With Paint - Create an Arch

Archways are almost magical - they break up the sharp corners of a room and make the nursery feel soft and inviting. Creating the archway through the simple use of paint on an accent wall and then centering your baby's crib in the center of the arch, really makes the crib the focal point of the nursery. It is such a simple idea but has such massive impact.  You really can play with colors and patterns in creating your arch.

Archways in a nursery

Experiment with Wallpapers and Murals

Wallpaper is an easy and enormously impactful way of creating an accent wall and setting the mood in your nursery.  Although you can really go for it and wallpaper the entire room, using a very bold wallpaper on an accent wall is also very effective and can keep the room from feeling too overwhelming.  

While painting a mural (if you are talented enough) or getting someone to paint one for you (can be expensive) is an option, there are so many wallpapers now that allow you to create the feel of a handpainted mural on your nursery wall. Also consider the use of wall decals.  Often removable, these allow you to create an accent wall that is less permanent and allows for flexibility.  We love the idea of creating a mural with decals.  For that reason, Levtex often includes a set of decals in each crib bedding set

Wallpapers and Murals in a nursery

Create Contrast with a Dark Wall in a Bright Room

Placing a dark accent wall in an otherwise bright room, in my opinion, is classy and timeless. Much like the archway, centering the crib on this accent wall draws attention to it and makes it a focal point of the room. A dark accent wall brings a sense of depth and sophistication to the nursery. The rich, moody tones provide a canvas for other elements to shine, allowing them to stand out with enhanced beauty. 

Dark Wall in a Bright Nursery Room

Make a Sentimental Photo Wall

Photo accent walls are such a massive trend in home decor at the moment.  I love them!  I especially love the idea of them in a nursery.  Not only does it create a cohesive, well thought out and very impactful wall, its an opportunity to display photos that will be meaningful to your child - photos of their parents and siblings, special friends and grandparents.  It even gives you the option of keeping the photos updated to include photos of your child as they grow and start to create memories of their own.  Choose a consistent frame and mat to keep the wall feeling deliberate. With a photo accent wall, your baby will feel you and your family’s presence every night. 

Incorporate Stars and Moons

The night sky has always been a magical, mystical, wondrous place.  The stars and moons are symbols of love and romance.  We tell our kids to "wish upon a star" or that we love them "to the moon and back."  Incorporating space and stars into an accent wall is an invitation to dream, explore, and marvel at the boundless wonders that lie beyond our reach.

Think of your ceiling as your fifth wall and the perfect canvas on which to create your starscape accent.

Stars and Moons as a nursery wall decoration

Use Wood Paneling

Wood paneling is all the rage and the nursery is just one more place where using wood paneling can have a massive impact.  Whether you choose a natural wood or paint, a regulated pattern or a geometric pattern, wood walls are popping up everywhere and helping define your nursery space.  Paneling is so versatile.  Depending on what you choose and how you paint it, it can make your room feel more traditional or more modern and contemporary. 

Wood paneling in a nursery

Whatever you decide remember to have fun.  You are creating a special space for a special person and, no matter what you choose, your nursery will become the place where memories are made.


Q: What are some nursery accent wall ideas using unique materials

A: Incorporating distinctive materials into a nursery's accent walls can include options like reclaimed wood, creative wood treatments and stains, peel-and-stick wallpaper, decorative decals, photo frames, and even fabric accents. These elements can add a unique touch to your nursery design.

Q: How can I make an accent wall the focal point of my baby's room decor?

A: Elevating the accent wall to the centerpiece of your nursery design is achievable through various approaches. Consider using vibrant colors, positioning the crib against the accent wall, or coordinating the overall room decor with a specific wallpaper or theme featured on the accent wall. These nursery design ideas can help create a captivating interior.

Written by Michael Levin