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8 Bedding Color Combos to Create a Dreamy Bedroom Space

Bedding color combos

The colors used in your bedroom may be more important than you realize. Color can greatly affect your mood and state of mind and is crucial for creating the desired atmosphere in a space. We’ll explore the role color plays in bedrooms as well as different color combinations you can utilize to evoke various emotions and create a dreamy bedroom space.

Selecting Ideal Bedding Color Combos for Your Bedroom Palette

The first step is to choose the right color palette for you. Colors can bring about different feelings in different people so think about what emotions certain colors make you feel. The next thing to consider is if your desired color scheme lines up with your personal design style. You can fit just about any color scheme with any design style with a little creativity, but obviously some blend more easily than others such as blues in a coastal bedroom. Lastly, see if there are any colors in your existing bedroom decor you want to carry over into your new design. If you have a lot of favorite pieces that happen to be green for instance, you’ll probably want to make sure green fits into your new color scheme.   

Now let’s explore some color combinations to inspire a dreamy bedroom and find the perfect color scheme for you.

“A monochromatic bed can be just as interesting as a contrasting one. Still, you want to know what color you’re dealing with. If it’s red, is it cherry, tomato, oxblood, burgundy, or cranberry?” - Steven Whitehead, bedding and soft goods stylist

Embracing Earthy & Natural Neutrals in Your Bedding Colors

If you want a mix of warmth and calm, choose mostly neutral bedding and pair it with really rich earth tones. This combo will leave you feeling grounded and at peace. Something like the Cosima Quilt and a Washed Linen Duvet in a color like sandstone.

Bedding color combos: Earthy & natural neutrals

Explore Cottagecore Pastels Bedding Hues

Light blues, greens, and pinks; the color combo of your cottagecore dreams. They’re a perfect array of sweet, spring hues and go so well with nature-inspired decor like florals. This combo is fresh and playful. The Evelyn Jacobean Floral Quilt paired with a blush Cross Stitch Quilt would be such a dreamy matchup and totally encapsulate this color scheme

"Colors like beige, ecru and blush all make a bed look expensive without drawing the eye in a way that distracts from the rest of the space." - Kathy Kuo, interior designer
Bedding color combos: Cottagecore pastels

Vibrant Vintage Bedding Colors

Muted greens and rusty oranges can create such a cozy, yet vibrant atmosphere. This combo works particularly well in styles like organic modern or vintage eclectic and you have so many ways you can direct your design based on other decorative accessories you bring into the space. The Inaya Quilt paired with a forest green Cross Stitch Quilt is a great example of this ultra-cozy color scheme.

"Using a combination of predominantly lighter colors for the duvet and sheets and darker colors on the pillows will create a lovely accent while keeping the illusion of a bigger space" - Julio Arco, interior designer
Bedding color combos: Vibrant vintage

Red, White & Blue Bedding Combos

If you have a more classic style, you can’t go wrong with blue and white. Add red during summer or for the holiday season and your bedroom will feel very polished and homey all year long. The Abelie Quilt showcases this timeless duo in a stunning design and pairs beautifully with red accents like the Adobe Mills Waffle Throw.

Peaches & Cream Bedding Color Harmony

Soft pinks and warm cream can be such a cheerful, energetic duo. It’s like you almost expect to wake up to sunshine and chirping birds when your bedding is this happy. A gorgeous example that comes to mind is the coral Spruce Quilt Set and cream Mills Waffle Throw.

"For a truly neutral look I suggest embracing light sand or a natural hue for your flat sheets and pillows to create some soft contrast with a crisp white duvet.” - Lee Mayer, CEO of online interior design service Havenly
Bedding color combos: Peaches & cream

Groovy Green & Ochre Bedding Trend

If you appreciate bold, retro flair, opt for an emerald green and ochre combo. Green will make you feel invigorated and what a better place to recharge than a very green bedroom with pops of fun, vivacious colors like ochre? Check out the Bettina Duvet if this color palette feels like you and maybe add a Viviana Round Ochre Pillow and an ochre Mills Waffle Throw.

Bedding color combos: Groovy green & ochre

Picturesque Plum Elegance: Bedding Color Combos for Home

For a bold, yet moody bedroom that is as unique as you, choose a rich and vibrant color like plum. It can be paired with darker neutrals like brown or black or you can go for an array of dreamily eclectic colors like in the Basel Quilt. A purple color scheme is the perfect opportunity to play with texture, especially velvets like the Ellora Plum Velvet Quilt.

"Bold hues that can act as neutrals throughout a home due to a consistent palette will be making a comeback, such as deep greens, khakis, marigold, and rich purples like eggplant and plum" - Jodi Berger, interior designer

Now that you’ve got your color scheme figured out, let’s discuss ways to maintain that dreamy ambiance. Bring in art that rouses the same emotions as your color palette. Include calming, cozy, or revitilizing scents in the form of oils and candles. You could even create a playlist with your favorite music or add a record player and collection of favorite vinyls to your decor to set the mood. Be sure to include various sources of lighting as well to create a truly cozy and dreamy bedroom.

Denim-Inspired Hues for Serene Bedding

Maybe tranquility is your goal for your bedroom design. A place to escape the busyness of life and just relax. If that’s the case, I recommend layering various shades of light, dark, and muted blues. Blue is such a serene color and sticking with a more monochromatic color scheme will make your room feel cozy, yet relaxing. A perfect example of this look would be the Aliza Quilt layered with a denim Washed Linen Duvet.

Bedding color combos: Shades of denim

Adapting Bedding Colors to the Seasons

As for seasonal changes, there are lots of ways to decorate according to holidays or time of year while staying in line with your chosen color palette and keeping your bedroom cohesive. Focus on accessory swaps that will make a big impact such as accent pillows and throws. Introduce a festive accent color during the holidays or bring in seasonal textures and fabrics like linen for summer or knits for winter. And, of course, include seasonal scents and decorative items around your space.

Check out Seasonal Bedroom Makeovers and 12 Cozy Christmas Decorating Ideas with Levtex Home for more inspiration.

Color is the key to creating a beautiful, inviting atmosphere in any space, but especially in the bedroom. Color can be so strongly connected to our emotions so it’s important to choose the right color scheme when designing your space. Think about how you want to feel when you step into your bedroom and which colors work best for you and your personal decor style. Get creative, experiment, and look to LevTex Home for cozy bedding favorites no matter your style! With the right color palette and decorative details, you’ll create a dreamy bedroom you’ll never want to leave.


What are some universally flattering color combinations?

For universally flattering combos, stick to the classics. A warm white pairs beautifully with navy, crimson, black, or just about any shade of green.  To enhance your bedroom color scheme, consider experimenting with versatile color palettes that complement your bedding. Mixing and matching different shades and color palettes can add depth and visual interest to your bedroom space. Explore the timeless combination of white and neutral tones to create a versatile and stylish ambiance in your home.  Don't be afraid to incorporate small pops of bold colors to create a dynamic and personalized look.

What color is easiest to mix & match?

The easiest colors to mix and match are going to be neutrals and earth tones. They’re easy to pair with each other and with various “pops” of bolder or more seasonal color choices.  When selecting your bedroom paint colors, think about incorporating soft shades that seamlessly blend with your existing color palette. Neutrals like beige and gray can serve as a perfect backdrop for experimenting with various bedding color combos. Consider introducing contrasting shades and textures in your bedroom to continue enhancing the overall aesthetic of your space. Adding a variety of textures, such as throws and pillows, can introduce depth and interest to your color-matched ensemble.

How can I incorporate bold or dark colors into my bedroom decor?

Pairing a bold or dark color with mostly neutral decor like creams or whites is one way to make sure your color stands out without becoming overpowering. Another way to use bold or dark colors in a space is to just go for it! If you feel most comfortable in a dark and moody atmosphere, go big or go home!  To further elevate your bedroom color scheme, experiment with various combinations of bedding color palettes. Introduce bold and contrasting shades through your sheets, pillowcases, or bedroom accessories to continue adding personality and flair to your home. Play with lighting to enhance the drama of dark colors, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

How does seasonality play into color schemes in your bedroom?

I’m a firm believer that if you choose a color scheme you love, you’ll be able to make it work with just about any season/holiday. There are, however, small changes you can make with each season to keep your space feeling current. Floral details for spring, linen sheets or muslin blankets in the summer, darker accents and cozier textures in the fall, and festive pillows or chunky knits during winter. Each of these changes can still fit with your original color scheme and create a space that feels seasonally appropriate and still very you.  Explore new shades and bedding color combinations that align with the changing seasons, adding a touch of freshness and vibrancy to your bedroom. Consider rotating different color palettes and accessories to seamlessly transition your space, creating an ever-evolving and personalized home environment. Keep in mind that introducing seasonal elements doesn't necessarily mean a complete overhaul; it can be as simple as changing out accent pieces or incorporating seasonal flowers for a quick refresh.

Written by Mariah Hilsenbrand


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