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Tammy Groethe

Quincy Solomon

Quincy is a student at Scripps College in Claremont, CA. When she isn’t decorating her dorm room and keeping you informed on the latest themes and duvet trends, she enjoys cooking and hiking!

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Cozy dorm bedding

Dorms for my 4 Favorite Celebrities and Characters 

Written by Quincy Solomon

When I was watching the series finale of “Never Have I Ever” this week, I noticed something oddly familiar. It looked like Devi, the main character, was sitting in a bed that I know all too well. Her quilt and mine are both the Jules Quilt from Levtex Home! It’s so cool that they put it in a Netflix show.  In the spirit of this discovery, I thought for today’s blog I should make the perfect Levtex Home dorm beds for some of my favorite celebs and characters.

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